Vincent Gouriou


Vincent Gouriou lives in Brest, France. His photographic work is centered on the portrait and the question of the (re) construction of oneself according to physical, psychological or sexual characteristics. 

In his latest series “des famille (s)”, he attempts to take stock of the current contours of this institution in perpetual redefinition. The couple, fraternity, filiation, motherhood are all themes tackled by Vincent Gouriou, whose portraits go beyond the simple questioning of the family unit, to illustrate the dialogue of the other and of the same: homosexuality, twinning, sexual reassignment, the fusion of the paternal and maternal roles.

Vincent Gouriou
Vincent Gouriou

Pride Photo Award

Previous Submissions

Family Time Vincent Gouriou

Pride Photo Award 2015

3rd prize Singles

Mélanie, transgender and her boyfriend, father and family, Quimper (2015)

Pride Photo Award 2016

2nd prize Insiders / Outsiders