Micha Serraf


Micha is an award winning, commercial and fine art fiction-based photographer whose work focuses on fashion, social consciousness and conceptual portraiture.

Micha attended the University of Cape Town, and completed his Honors Degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Photography. Micha’s work has been featured in both local and international publications and media.

Artist Statement:
“I am a Zimbabwean photographer and artist navigating post-apartheid South Africa. My work aims to be other-worldy yet familiar, soft and afrofuturistic. My images also aim to function as a platform of inclusivity toward other people of colour, genderqueer and ‘other’ identities that exist on social, creative and main-stream peripheries. My creative partner who is gender non-conforming/genderqueer and myself as their ally (around gender), work on projects regarding race, displacement and queer identity. My work here includes photographs of them and investigations with them around interrogating and attempting to perpetuate a rightful sense of normality. I wish for my work to be seen by all youth. Especially those unable to see people like themselves within their personal environments due to (and not limited to) shaming, tradition, religion and media. I wish to create images that motivate the growth, development and crafting of one’s own unique self.”

Micha Serraf
Micha Serraf

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