Ky Smiley


My name is Ky Smiley and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I have resided there my whole life and it’s been crucial to my understanding and artistic criticism of modern-day Black and queer-aligned issues. I have been interested in photography and its unique ability to confront various subject matter since high school.

Starting my freshman year of college, I invested more time and money into actualizing these concepts and have fallen in love with the medium. Once I was able to view the world through a lens and create images in response, my passion manifested even more. I’ve been primarily working with family members as a way to understand my distinctive perspective as it pertains to the intersectionality of my identity and place in society overall.

Ky Smiley Photo by Ira Graham IV
Ky Smiley / Photo by Ira Graham IV

Ky Smiley lives in The United States

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