Gazi Nafis Ahmed


Nafis is an artist and works with photography. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied Foundation in Art & Design at Sir John Cass Depart of Art & Design in London Guildhall University and BA(Hons) Documentary Photography in Danish school of media and journalism and completed his MFA in Photography in IED Madrid on full scholarship.

His work has been published in Newyork times, Newyorker, The Guardian, BloomsbergBusinessweek, Times, Politiken, to name a few. He has exhibited in Spain, Netherlands, London, Derby, Bangalore, Delhi, Dhaka, and China.

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Gazi Nafiz Ahmed

Gazi Nafis Ahmed lives in Bangladesh

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Inner Face Any discussion around sex and sexuality is taboo in my country. It is a family oriented, moderate society with strong economic class structure. The sporadic discussion online have been mostly negative, with people calling homosexuality a sin, a psychological disorder, or just perverted behavior. The government, specifically the Health Ministry, has extensive HIV/AIDS policy that includes Men having Sex with Men (MSM). There are also several NGOs working with MSMs and the Hijra community, but there is no formal organization working for the LGBT community. In this patriarchal society womenÕs sexuality is absolutely silenced and lesbians are a minority within a minority. And last but not least, there is penal code 377, which is a British colonial law criminalizing Òunnatural sexÓ. The law has never been implemented but is regularly used to harass LGBT people. The series ÒInner FaceÓ challenges the heterosexist norms and the culture of collective denial & ideals upon which our society is based on.

Pride Photo Award 2015

3rd prize Stories of Love and Pride