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Chiara Fabbro, an Italian documentary photographer based in London, dedicates her work to capturing stories about human rights and migration. Through her photography, she seeks to shed light on the wounds and victories of our time, and she always strives to create an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust with her subjects. She has worked, among other places, in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, where refugees live in a limbo without legal status; in the squats in the Balkans where migrant men, women and children get stuck during their journey to Europe; on the beaches of the Canary Islands, the destination for thousands of people facing a treacherous journey from the coast of West Africa.

Chiara has been commissioned by several NGOs for their advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Her photos have appeared in a range of print and online magazines and newspapers, including The Times, CNN, Al Jazeera and El Salto. She has won the 2021 Portrait of Humanity award and received an honourable mention in Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize 2020, supported by the Human Rights agency of the United Nations. In 2022 she was shortlisted for the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award and the International Women in Photo Association Award.

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Chiara Fabbro

Chiara Fabbro lives in The United Kingdom

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