Bénédicte Desrus


Bénédicte Desrus (France) is an award-winning documentary photographer based in Mexico and working worldwide.

She is represented by Sipa Press USA and has worked throughout Europe, East Africa, the United States and Latin America. She focuses on humanitarian and social issues around the world.

Her photography explores the lives of people ostracised by society, and the communities they form to survive and find respect. She often spends months with her subjects.

Recent stories explored the lives of elderly sex workers living in a shelter in Mexico City, Prader-Willy syndrome in Mexico, Donovan Tavera – Mexico’s only government-certified forensic cleaner, the anti-gay bill & persecution of homosexuality in Uganda, the albinos killing in Tanzania and global obesity.

Bénédicte Desrus

Pride Photo Award

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Eighty year old Mexican transgender woman creates a shelter for elderly gays

Pride Photo Award 2016

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