Akın Çeliktaş


Akın studied Interior Architecture for 5 years. One day a friend gave him a camera, changing his life.

“I gradually realized I wanted to tell photo stories. My parents were not too happy with that decision at first, but I still disenrolled from my faculty and decided to study photography and video instead.
“Through my work as a photojournalist, I have witnessed many protests and social events which include violence, bans and political power struggles. In that way, this photo is similar to my other work. I always try to show the depth of the issues through my photos. Through my photographs I try to echo the time and culture in which they were taken. To me, this award means I have succeeded in doing so and that brings immeasurable happiness.”

akin celiktas
akin celiktas

Akın Çeliktaş lives in Turkey

Pride Photo Award

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