Our Goals

Pride Photo

We are a Dutch organisation aiming to promote and further the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity. By showing the plurality and diversity of the LGBTQI+ community through top-quality imagery by photographers working with these topics, we aim to expand upon the often stereotyped images of the LGBTQI+ community which can be portrayed by mainstream media. Our photos show that sexualities and gender expressions are not a binary concept of only male/female or gay/straight – that there are endless expressions and fluidity in the space of Gender and Sexual expression and identity.

Pride Photo Award

This is our annual international photography competition, providing photographers with a unique platform to showcase their own definitions of sexuality and gender diversity. The annual Pride Photo Exhibition of winning pictures often eliminates stereotypes and preconception surrounding the LGBTQI+ space, showing visitors unknown, unseen and unexpected aspects of sexuality and gender diversity, contributing to wider acceptance of the community.

The winners of the competitions from 2010-2019 can be viewed in the Previous Editions section of our website.

Annual Exhibition

Following our annual photography exhibition held each November for a month in Amsterdam, the images start traveling around the world. They are exhibited in galleries, public spaces, museums, offices, and embassies internationally. This way, the winning images and the stories behind them reach more people. We believe that through visibility and finding connections through images, this will lead to enabling people to think about ideas and preconceptions, and subsequently a more tolerant world, in regards to sexual and gender diversity.

Further Pride Photo Exhibitions

Besides the annual exhibitions of award winning Pride Photos, we also organise several other exhibitions throughout the year. These are composed of photos from the rich archive that Pride Photo has built up since 2010. These exhibitions are often put together and organised by Pride Photo; by subject, a topical theme, or a selection of the winning images from the latest edition.

If you want to know more about Pride Photo, please contact us for our business plan.