Previous Pride Photo Juries

Since 2011 Pride Photo has invited prestigious jurors from all over the world to judge the Pride Photo Contest. Below, you can find an overview and read more about them.

Groepsportret jury Carla van de Puttelaar 1024x628 1
Group Portrait of the 2019 jury, by Carla van de Puttelaar

2019 Jury

The 2019 jury, from left to right:

  • Anna Zekria, Salt Images in Moscow
  • Tanner Curtis, New York Times Photo Editor
  • John Fleetwood, Director of Photo (Johannesburg)
  • Chris Rijksen, Former Pride Photo winner, artist and Transketeer founder
  • Sujong Song, Editor in Chief of GEO magazine in South Korea and Seoul Lunar Photo

Photos by Carla van de Puttelaar

Pride Photo Jury 2016
Pride Photo Jury 2016, photo by Barbara Galvács

2016 Jury

The 2016 Jury from let to right:

  • Sunil Gupta, Fine Art photographer
  • Susan Bright, Curator
  • Hideko Kataoka, Director of Photography, Japan Newsweek
  • Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Vice President of Pictures, Reuters
  • John Fleetwood, Curator, Educator, Director of Photo:
2015 Jury 1
The 2015 Jury

2015 Jury

The 2015 Jury:

  • Zanele Muholi, Photographer and Visual activist
  • Frank Kalero, Cultural Manager, curator and publisher
  • Vince Aletti, Photography Critic for The New Yorker
  • Meaghan Looram, Deputy Photo Editor at The New York Times.
Jury 2014 © Chris Rijksen e1406106073714
2014 Jury, photo by Chris Rijksen

2014 Jury

The 2014 Jury, left to right:

  • Simon Njami, Jury Chair, French-Cameroonian Art Historian and Curator)
  • David Deitcher, Art Historian, Curator and Critic
  • Sharon Sliwinski, Associate Professor of Visual Culture at Western University in Canada
  • Jan van Breda, Portrait Photographer
  • Sujong Song, former Editor-in-Chief of GEO magazine in South Korea
Jurygroup PridePhotoAward2013
2013 Jury, photo by Trea Van Dunen

2013 Jury

Jane Jackson, Isabel Muñoz, Colin Jacobson, Giovanna Calvenzi, and Stephen Mayes.

The international jury in session © Janus van den Eijnden
The 2012 international jury in session © Janus van den Eijnden

2012 Jury

Pride Photo is proud to present the members of the 2012 jury. The photos were taken by Janus van den Eijnden at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam on Tuesday the 18th of July 2012 when the jury was in session to select the winning photos. From left-right: Patricia Levasseur de la Motte, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Jury chairman Christian Caujolle, Pawel Leszkowicz, and Renata Ferri.

Pride Photo Award 2011 jury LloydHotel Amsterdam
Pride Photo Award 2011 jury, at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

2011 Jury

Pride Photo Award is proud to present the members of the 2011 jury. The photos were taken during by Linelle Deunk at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy on Monday the 11th of July when the jury was in session.

From left-right:

  • Vince Aletti
  • Renatta Ferri
  • Michiko Kasahara
  • Frank Wagner
  • Stephen Mayes
  • Sunil Gupta