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Vaughan Larsen is a Milwaukee based artist whose work largely focuses on photographic self-portraiture to explore queer identity, relationships, and where they intersect. Raised in Central Wisconsin, the concept of queer values intertwined with the midwest Amerian Dream is a constant theme in their work. Influenced by the history and expectations of family, the comparison of LGBTQ+ and heterosexual societies, and the American Landscape; Larsen creates staged moments reflecting on their journey through self-discovery as a gender non-binary person.

Larsen received their Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Imaging from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in May 2019. Later that year, Larsen earned First Place in the Creative Bursary Global LGBTQ+ Stories by Getty Images; first prize in the Unique competition of the Amsterdam Pride Photo Award; and named an Emerging Fellow of the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship. Their work has been written about in publications such as Urban Milwaukee, Photo Emphasis, and Humble Arts Foundation.

Self Portrait as my Mother as a Cheerleader
Self Portrait as my Mother as a Cheerleader

Vaughan Larsen lives in The United States

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Self Portrait as my Mother as a Cheerleader

Pride Photo Award 2019

1st prize Theme: Unique