Mickey Aliosio


Mickey Aloisio is an artist living and working in New Haven, CT.  He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016 and is currently a graduate student at the Yale School of Art in Connecticut. 

“My name is Mickey Aloisio and I am a Cuban-Italian-Jewish American queer artist who currently lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. I am currently enrolled in the MFA photo program at the YaleSchool of Art, with an expected graduation date of 2021. I began thinking about this project as a response to the current standard of the 2-D relationships that we, as a culture, value today. I was spending too much time looking into the screen of my phone and I was becoming increasingly more lonely by the day-regardless of how many other faces I saw on my feed. I thought that by doing this project, I would be forced to physically interact with strangers in a way that I rarely would have the chance to do otherwise. I think as queer people we need the physical presence of other queer people in our lives to make us feel like we belong. That’s what this project is about, it didn’t matter whether I was in Amsterdam, Paris, or Madrid, we always belonged together

Mickey Aloisio
Mickey Aloisio

Mickey Aliosio lives in The United States

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