Andrés Gregorio Pérez


Andrés Pérez is a non-binary artist and self-taught photographer born in Venezuela in 1993. His art and film studies at the Universidad Central de Venezuela built a sensibility for the image. In 2019 they migrated to Bogota-Colombia and this trip coincided with the decision to start their photographic career.

Their narratives are focused on Venezuelan migration especially LGBTIQA+, identity, gender, queer body and binary violence. They address other themes related to the anti-patriarchal narrative and the deconstruction of the heteronormative with the interest of preserving a more diverse memory. As a storyteller, they not only feel the need to narrate others, they are also interested in speaking from an intimate and autobiographical place. Their visual language is a mix between portraiture, documentary narratives, fashion and expanded photography.

During 2021 they were part of the Semillero Migrante program, a space in which they developed their first project Espectro. Winner of the Pride Photo Award 2023 Series category, with ‘Dead family’. Scholarship in Creadores de imágenes (2022) and CAMPO (2021). Their work has been exhibited in: Salón Nacional de la coexistencia 2021 (Venezuela), Encuentro Fotográfico de Santander (Colombia), Organización Nelson Garrido (Venezuela), Vist Projects (LATAM) and National Museum of Photography (Norway).

Andres Gregorio Perez
Andres Gregorio Perez

Andrés Gregorio Pérez lives in Colombia

Pride Photo Award

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Pride Photo Award 2023

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