Mohamad Abdouni

Mohamad Abdouni

Juror in 2024


Comtemporary Artist | Photographer | Filmmaker

Mohamad is an artist, photographer, filmmaker born in 1989 in Beirut, Lebanon, but currently lives and works between Beirut and Istanbul, Turkey. His collaborative journal of photography Cold Cuts is dedicated to queer cultures in the SWANA region (South West Asia and North Africa), and documents and supports localized outgrowths of queer identities and communities in their unique expressions of queerness, cultural developments, and most importantly histories.

Abdouni’s works explore the long-standing influence of queerness in Arab cultures, particularly that of the transfeminine experience. Focusing on untold stories of Beirut and uncovering the rich yet eradicated queer histories of the Arab-speaking region, his work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum (US), FOAM (NL), L’Institut du Monde Arabe and the Institute of Islamic Culture (FR), amongst many others. His films have been screened and awarded at prestigious international festivals.

He also frequently works with high-end brands like Gucci, Vogue US, Fendi, GQ and many more to create and direct narrative fashion films and music videos. Lately, he has dedicated his time to working on what is arguably the first ever archive of trans* histories in an Arab country, a project entitled ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother: Trans* Histories From Beirut’s Forgotten Past.’

Mohamad Abdouni
Mohamad Abdouni | Credits: Pauline Maroun


Mohamad Abdouni lives in Lebanon