Badasses 01

My idols or role models were masculine characters in movies or cartoon films when I was in my schooldays. They were uniformly strong and rough, and always made a violent look which was supposed to destroy anything. The stereotype of these guy images has been forcing us to become one of them.The boys’ entertainment has been separated from the girls’ one, and the Barbie dolls and other paper dolls that I used to play with became what my friends made fun of me with or what I had to hide from them.

I wondered what would be if I added so-called “femininity” to the guy characters that the society demanded. Is it going be androgynous? I tried to express how easily or ridiculously the media-developed masculinity could be destroyed only with a few bling-bling stickers, which was supposed to be girls’ exclusive play.

Badasses J Chan
Badasses Macgregor
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